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Television and Media

The nature of Shaw’s work has generated increased media interest and Shaw is now a regular media commentator across both broadcast and print media.

Shaw appears in an ongoing TV series for the Discovery Channel and UKTV called ‘Fat Surgeons’ which follows him and his colleagues as they operate on a range of patients undergoing bariatric surgery.

The third series of Fat Surgeons will air in January 2011 and follows Shaw and his colleague Chris Pring as they consult with and operate on a range of patients performing weight loss surgery.

In 2010, Shaw was filmed operating on Paul Mason, who weighed nearly 70 stone at the time of weight loss surgery.  This was an extremely complex case and was followed by Channel 4 for a one hour documentary titles ‘The Worlds Fattest Man’. This case sparked a significant media debate and interest about obesity management in the UK.

Shaw regularly contributes to debates in the media and has appeared on BBC News, BBC Breakfast, SKY News, Daybreak, Live with Gabby Logan, The One Show and various national and regional radio stations

Shaw has also appeared in several health and medical series including Embarrassing Bodies and Live From The Clinic on Channel 4.  Recently, Shaw has co-presented new Channel 4 series The Food Hospital, more details of which are below.

The Food Hospital

The Food HospitalAiring on Channel 4 from Wednesday 19th September at 8pm is series two of The Food Hospital which Shaw co-hosts. This second series will again feature Shaw and his two co-hosts Lucy Jones, Senior Specialist Dietician at the Whittington Hospital and GP Dr Giovanni Miletto as they attempt to examine the science behind using food as medicine.

In experiments conducted with strict scientific rigour, patients suffering from a range of medical conditions and symptoms will be invited throughout the series to attend The Food Hospital where they will be prescribed specific diets to find out if their health problems can be alleviated or cured by the food they eat.

At the Food Hospital, patients will have detailed consultations with the specialist Food Hospital team of experts before they are assigned particular foods, with advice about how to integrate them into their diets. The series will follow the patients as they undertake their new dietary regime and attend follow-up appointments at the hospital where their progress will be monitored.

The series will be supported by an online campaign which will ask the nation to take part in the series. For more details please visit The Food Hospital.

Clinic Locations

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